Best Budgeting Apps for 2023: Our Top 6 Picks

MMadelyn August 25, 2023 8:50 AM

Unsure about how to manage your finances effectively? There's an app for that! In fact, there are quite a few. The advancement in technology has led to the creation of numerous budgeting apps that can help you keep track of your spending, save money, and reach your financial goals. Here, we will discuss our top 6 picks for the best budgeting apps 2023.

1. Mint: Best Overall Budgeting App

Mint, from Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, is one of the most comprehensive free budgeting apps out there. Mint helps you create budgets, track your spending, manage your bills, and even check your credit score. The app categorizes your transactions and shows exactly where your money is going.

2. You Need a Budget (YNAB): Best for Debt Payoff

YNAB's primary focus is to help you pay off debt. It does this by encouraging you to 'give every dollar a job', which means planning out each dollar you earn. With YNAB, you can also track your expenses and set goals, making it one of the best apps for budgeting and saving.

3. PocketGuard: Best for Managing Spending

PocketGuard is a great option for those who want to know how much they can spend after accounting for bills and savings. The app links to your bank accounts and tracks your spending, income, and savings, then uses this info to show you how much money you have for everyday spending.

4. Personal Capital: Best for Wealth Management

Personal Capital is a budgeting and wealth management app. It allows you to track spending, add transactions, and view your financial accounts in one place. Plus, it includes a robust retirement planning tool, making it one of the top money management apps.

5. Goodbudget: Best for Couples

Goodbudget uses the envelope system to help you manage your finances. You assign money to categories (or 'envelopes') and spend from them. It's a great method for couples, as it encourages communication about spending and saving.

6. Quicken: Best for Detailed Budgeting

Quicken is a comprehensive budgeting and finance app that's ideal if you want a detailed overview of your finances. It includes expense tracking, investment management, retirement planning, and more. It's definitely one of the best budgeting apps 2023.

To make your decision easier, here's a comparison table of the features of these top budget apps for 2023:

App Key Feature Pricing
Mint Comprehensive budgeting tools Free
YNAB Debt payoff strategies $11.99/month
PocketGuard Spending management Free, Plus: $3.99/month
Personal Capital Wealth management Free financial tools, 0.89% for investment service
Goodbudget Envelope budgeting system Free, Plus: $6/month
Quicken Detailed financial overview $34.99/year and up

Remember, the best budgeting app is the one that fits your personal needs and financial situation. Try out a few of these picks and see which one helps you manage your money better.

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