Beyond Coupons: Tips for Seeking Out Hidden Store Discounts

SSkylar February 7, 2024 7:01 AM

We all love a good deal. But with the rise of online shopping, it seems like it's getting harder to find those hidden discounts that used to make shopping in store so rewarding. But don't worry - they're still out there, and this guide will show you how to find them.

In this in-depth exploration into the world of discount shopping, we'll go beyond the common tactics of clipping coupons and waiting for sales. Instead, we'll delve into more obscure methods for obtaining discounts at your favorite stores.

Use rebate apps

Rebate apps can be a goldmine for discounts. Applications such as Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Fetch Rewards offer cash back on purchases made at a wide variety of stores. To use these apps, simply check out their list of current offers, buy the relevant products, and then upload your receipt to earn cash back.

Sign up for loyalty programs

Many stores offer loyalty programs that can lead to significant savings. These programs typically work by giving you points for each dollar you spend, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

A quick example:

Store Loyalty Program Benefits
Walgreens Balance Rewards Earn points for spending, bonus points for certain items, spend points for discounts
Target RedCard 5% off all purchases, free shipping online
Best Buy My Best Buy Earn points for spending, get bonus coupons

Subscribe to store emails

While it can be annoying to have your inbox filled with promotional emails, this is often one of the best ways to get access to exclusive discounts and deals. Many stores offer a significant discount just for signing up, and regular discounts to subscribers throughout the year.

Use price matching

Price matching is a great way to ensure you're getting the best deal possible. Many stores will match the price of a competitor if you can provide evidence of a lower price. This can often be done simply by showing an online listing on your phone at the checkout.

Check out clearance sections

The clearance section is often overlooked, but it's a treasure trove of discounts. These sections are where stores sell items that are either out of season, overstocked, or slightly damaged at a significant discount.

Ask for discounts

It never hurts to ask! Many stores have discounts available that aren't advertised. This can include senior discounts, military discounts, or discounts for students. Some stores even offer discounts for paying in cash.

By using these strategies, you can go beyond coupons and really maximize your savings.

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