Top 5 Personal Finance YouTubers to Follow

MMadelyn November 24, 2023 7:01 AM

In the vast digital world, YouTube has become a great platform to learn and grow. Especially when it comes to personal finance, several YouTubers offer valuable advice and tips. This article lists the top 5 personal finance YouTubers you should follow for the best budgeting, investing, and saving tips.

1. Graham Stephan

Renowned for making complex financial concepts easy to understand, Graham Stephan stands out among personal finance YouTubers. His videos cover a broad range of topics, from real estate investing to personal budgeting. What's more, his engaging style makes learning about finance enjoyable.

Channel Highlights: Real Estate Investing, Personal Budgeting, and Financial Analysis.

2. Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh takes a fun and engaging approach to finance. He covers everything from simple budgeting tips to complex investing strategies. His magic card tricks sprinkled throughout the videos make finance less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Channel Highlights: Investing Strategies, Cryptocurrency, Magic and Finance.

3. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is not just a YouTube channel, it's a community. This channel focuses on all things money, lifestyle, and personal growth. The tips and advice provided here are not only practical but also very actionable.

Channel Highlights: Practical Money Advice, Lifestyle Budgeting, Personal Growth.

4. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance guru who shares his wisdom on YouTube. His channel provides clear, actionable advice on how to manage your money wisely. From getting out of debt to investing for the future, Dave Ramsey offers guidance on all aspects of personal finance.

Channel Highlights: Debt Management, Investment Guide, Personal Finance Advice.

5. Mad Money Monster

Mad Money Monster is the go-to YouTube channel for people interested in frugality and simple living. This channel provides realistic and achievable money-saving tips, helping you make the most of your budget.

Channel Highlights: Frugality, Simple Living, Money-saving Tips.

Channel Topic Focus
Graham Stephan Real Estate Investing, Personal Budgeting
Andrei Jikh Investing, Cryptocurrency
The Financial Diet Practical Money Advice, Lifestyle Budgeting
Dave Ramsey Debt Management, Investment Guide
Mad Money Monster Frugality, Simple Living

Remember, personal finance is a journey, not a destination. These YouTubers share their experience and wisdom with the goal of helping you make smarter financial decisions. Whether you're looking to save money, invest wisely, or manage your money better, these YouTube channels have something to offer everyone.

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